Technical paper with seeds

& iquest; how is paper made with seeds?

The manufacturing process is manual, slow and laborious, we use as raw material only natural fibers of linen, linen or recycled fibers and in the process we add the seeds. & nbsp;

We use the traditional manufacturing method, the Dutch Piles for the refining of fibers.

Then we proceed to the elaboration of the sheet, one by one, the pasta is distributed in the traditional sieves, adding and distributing, the seeds that we have chosen. To finish we proceed to a quick drying to guarantee the good germination of the seeds and we apply a cold pressing.

Design suggestion

When these density variations exist, the behavior of the same within the printing machine is somewhat unstable. & nbsp;


  • The uniformity of the color in each and every one of the sheets may vary slightly.
  • It is advisable to avoid large masses of uniform color since the differences in paper grammage, as well As the seeds inserted, they can make the impression not be homogeneous on the entire surface.