If you're a professional in marketing, advertising or communication and you have any questions that you cannot find on our website pertaining to the product type, quantity, size, cleft, or die-cut, please do not hesitate to contact us ( or phone +34945120664)and we will give you an estimated quotation based on your needs.

Requesting a quotation

For us to be able to give a quotation, simply inform us of how many units you need, the size, the number of sides to be printed on and the number of colours to be used. In a few days you will receive the requested quotation; the validity of this quotation will last for one month from the date you receive it.


  • Prices drop considerably from 1000 units.
  • Prices appearing on professional quotations will be net, excluding VAT and transport.
  • The validity of this quotation lasts for one month.

Characteristics of seeded papers

Seed paper is an original handmade type of paper made from natural fibers and so, each sheet of paper usually varies in weight. As a result, the paper’s performance in printing machines can be somewhat unstable leading to slight variations in colour uniformity. Additionally, due to this lack of conformity, the document may vary within a millimeter of the print specifications.

There may be slight deviations from the original arising as a result of different production processes, such as:

  • Slight deviations in colour.
  • Slight resistance in cutting and folding (depending on the format).
  • Slight deviations in finishing.
  • For technical reasons, slight variations may occur in comparison with services or products completed previously.

On issues subject to production:

  • Slight inconsistencies in the folds or variations in stiffness of the paper are deemed acceptable as it is impossible to control the sheet orientation.
  • These small variations are not considered misprints and therefore, cannot be used as grounds for complaint.

Test Print

  • We can do a test print of your product should you require, with a cost between €60 and €90 + €9 transport cost + VAT, depending on the size and number of printed sides.
  • If the estimation is accepted and the order is of more than 5000 units, the cost of the test print will be deducted from the final bill.


  • If you need a physical sample of the product, contact us.

General conditions of purchase for professionals

Due to different fiscal regimes that have to be applied to companies, the general conditions of purchase are the same as for any other client, with the following additions:

  • The company will provide all tax data.
  • The invoice will be issued with itemized VAT to facilitate further statements.


  • If the cost of the order is less than €5000, the payment will be made when placing the order.
  • If the order exceeds the aforementioned amount, we can accept the payment in two installments, 50% when ordering and 50% prior to delivery.
  • If you need evidence that the job is being done, we can send samples prior to sending the order, for client approval.
  • The cost of such a delivery shall be borne by the customer.

Technical information

  • You can send us your own design and we'll print it on seed paper.
  • We can print on one or both sides.
  • We accept pdf, jpg and 300 dpi formats in spot colours with 3 mm bleeding, on all sides.
  • Place the order and send us your design.
  • Once we have received your design we'll send you a confirmation pdf. As soon as you give us your final approval via the purchase process, you will receive it in a few days.