Secure payment

At Natural Branding, S.L., we are aware of the need to guarantee the data flow of our customers. Therefore, we work with Laboral Kutxa, which has the highest security measures aimed at ensuring the confidentiality of communications between us and our customers.

The payment process works on a secure server using SSL (Secure Socket Layer), which is always active at the point of service.

The secure server establishes a connection, transmitting encrypted information using 128-bit algorithms, which ensure that it is only intelligible to the customer's computer and Laboral Kutxa’s server.

Thus, when using SSL we guarantee:

  • That our client is submitting their data to the central server of Natural Branding S.L. and not to any other party.
  • The upmost confidentiality, keeping your data inaccessible to third parties.
  • The authenticity of the data.