Tips for designing seed paper

As the density of each sheet may vary, the behavior of the seed paper inside the printing machine can be somewhat unstable.

As a result:

  • Colour uniformity in each and every one of the plantable seed paper sheets may vary slightly.
  • We recommended avoiding the mass use of uniform colour, as the differences in the weight of the paper and the seeds can make the print inconsistent across the surface.
  • The indentation is a 3mm space (more or less) that is left on all sides of the design to achieve a higher quality finish. This means that the graphics should always extend 3mm per side in respect of the finished product format. In the case of a 100 x 150mm card, for example, the cutting margin must measure 103 x 153mm.

    The safety limit it is an imaginary margin of 5mm that goes between the cutting line and the beginning of the text or images in the design. This is done to avoid the cutting away of integral text or images.

  • Paper creasing involves marking the paper to make it easy for folding. It is necessary to crease documents that will later be folded back. Due to the irregular behavior of paper inside the machines, this folding is done by hand. The cost of creasing and folding each unit is €0.08.