Frequently asked questions

The moment you place your order it passes directly to the Supervision phase, at which point the files will be examined to guarantee optimal printing. If our pre-printing team needs to rectify any parameters in the file, or if there is a risk that the final appearance of the product may vary, we automatically inform you of the necessary changes needed in order to achieve the best quality possible. Once accepted, the order goes to Production, at which point the products are printed and prepared as requested. After that, our logistics team will arrange delivery and make sure there are no problems or mishaps (status: Delivery). Finally, when you have received your order, the status of your product will change to “Completed”.

Supervision / Production / Delivery / Completed

Yes, you can choose between six types of seeds that we add to the paper.

3 varieties of flowers:

  • poppies
  • daisies
  • rudbeckias

3 varieties of aromatic plants:

  • lavender
  • chamomile
  • peppermint

IMPORTANT: 1 variety per sheet.

The production time varies depending on the number of units and the backlog that exists at the time of ordering.

Generally, the estimated delivery time for a quantity of fewer than 5000 units is 5 to 7 working days, to which must be added the delivery time (2-3 business days in Spain and 5 to 10 days for the rest of the EU).

You should send the files to be printed at a resolution of 300 dpi.

You can send your file(s) compressed in ZIP or RAR format.

Supported file formats are:

  • PDF files
  • JPG files (CMYK)
  • TIFF files (CMYK)

Please note that in editable formats (AI, FH, etc…), you must trace the text objects to the lines.

The size of the file must not exceed 10 MB.

The indentation is a space of approximately 3 mm space that is left on all sides of the design to achieve a higher quality finish. This means that the graphics should always extend 3 mm beyond the finished product format on all sides. For example, in the case of a 100 x 150 mm card, the cutting margin should measure 103 x 153 mm.

The safety limit it is an imaginary margin of 5 mm that runs between the cutting line and the beginning of the text or images in the design. This is done to avoid the accidental cutting away of integral text or images.

Paper creasing involves marking the paper to facilitate its folding. We do this by hand at a cost of €0.08 per crease and fold of each unit.

We usually do a basic review of the files we receive, but it is the obligation of the client to send these files with the specifications of each product. If you wish, once a product has been purchased you may request a professional proofing of your designs.

If for any reason you are not satisfied with the final product, click on "Legal Conditions of Purchase" and you will find all the necessary information regarding complaints and returns in the "Forms of Payment" section.

We can design a model according to your needs. The basic price for this service is €50.

If you are a printing company and would like to print your own orders ...

We sell in boxes of 300 units (for 140 grams) and 200 units (for 225 grams).